What’s New in Version 2.0?

You’ll notice that the Urban Forest Map is looking quite different! Technology has advanced in the years since we launched the first version of the Map, and we have incorporated those advances into our software. Here’s what’s new.

New look

The new version of the Map uses “responsive design” tools, so it changes to suit the screen you’re using — phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The way you add or edit trees has been streamlined too, for fewer clicks.

New functions

Now you can do more than add and edit trees — you can track your stewardship by entering info about your tree watering, pruning, and mulching activities.  You can also map your sidewalk garden to track the stormwater benefits it’s providing.

New data

San Francisco’s first-ever citywide street tree census, EveryTree SF, kicked off in January 2016 and wrapped up early in 2017.  Tree specialists have documented the exact location, species and current condition of every street tree and identified vacant spots where new trees can go. This info will be a great help to the city’s urban forest managers.

What about the trees I added in version 1.0?

Don’t worry! Your work is greatly appreciated, and we’ve preserved all the data entered by our users. We’ll be returning that information to the new version of the Map as soon as possible. And we hope you’ll keep contributing!

Please note that since we’ve switched to a new platform, you’ll need to create a new account before adding or editing trees.