About the San Francisco Urban Forest Map

The Urban Forest Map is a collaboration of Friends of the Urban Forest, the City of San Francisco, businesses and tree mappers like you to map every tree in San Francisco. Along the way we’ll calculate the environmental benefits the trees provide — how many gallons of stormwater they filter, how many pounds of air pollutants they capture, how many kilowatt-hours of energy they conserve, and how many tons of carbon dioxide they remove from the atmosphere.

The information we gather will help urban foresters and city planners to better manage trees in specific areas, track and combat tree pests and diseases, and plan future tree plantings. Climatologists can use it to better understand the effects of urban forests on climates, and students and citizen scientists can use it to learn about the role trees play in the urban ecosystem.

Our goal is to provide a one-stop repository for tree data, sourced not only from institutions but also from members of the public. Together we’ll work toward building a complete, dynamic picture of the urban forest.

Navigating the Map

You can explore the Map anytime, searching for trees or empty planting spaces — no account needed. To get started adding and editing trees, you’ll need to create an account. Click the tabs below for a tour of all the features available to you.

Main map page

The main map page shows the trees that have been entered in the Map, places where trees can go, and sidewalk gardens. The eco benefits they’re providing are shown. On this page, you can do advanced searches, see quick info on a given tree, and add new trees to the Map. If you’d like to play around with the data yourself, you can export it here too.

Tree detail page

Each tree has its own page presenting its “bio” and its eco benefits. There’s room to upload a picture and a comment field where you can tell us your tree’s story.

Search options

Search by species or neighborhood or open the Advanced Search window for all kinds of options, like empty planting spaces, trees whose species is unknown, trees that need to be watered, or trees greater than 50 ft in height.

Eco benefits

Eco benefits tell us the “ecosystem services” that the trees are providing: the energy the trees are saving by shading buildings, the stormwater captured and filtered by the leaves, the pounds of air pollutants captured by the leaves, and the carbon dioxide sequestered. The main map page shows the benefits for all selected trees, and each tree’s bio shows its individual benefits.

Add a tree

With the Add a Tree feature, you can add the trees around you to the Map to help build a more complete picture of our urban forest. Just click the Add a Tree button and you’ll be walked through it step-by-step.

Edit a tree

You can edit a tree’s information too. Just click the Edit button at the top of a Tree Bio page and the editable fields appear. You can track stewardship activities here, like watering and mulching, upload photos, and tell the story of your tree in the comment box.